Smart Community & Township Management System.

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Visitor Management System

Just a Guard doesn’t secure your estate or could stop chaos from taking place. You need to adopt a system which would enable your guard to prevent such scenarios from taking place.
We all are aware of technology playing an important role in every aspect of our daily lives, we understood this narrative and with the help of IOT we did develop a solution to add an extra layer of security and convenience in your estate.

Smart Notification

Complaint Management

After a detailed analysis of existing solutions, multiple feedbacks from various stakeholders, and an innovative approach towards the solution, SocioHood created an architecture, flow which would cover END to END process Management along with automating almost 99% of the process. It would make management intervention and involvement negligible.

Process Management System

End to End various process Management within your estate.

Provides Transparency

Provides transparency and increases operational efficiency when multiple stakeholders are involved.

Real Time Monitoring

Real time Data tracking and monitoring


Secures your estate

Endless Support

24*7 Support Team

Customized Report

A customized report and graphical analysis help the management with faster decision-making.

Sociohood dashboard

Community and Township Management System integration.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with our representative to start the integration and implementation of the most advanced solution, within your estate.

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